Searching for Answers

I had a dream that I was swimming with my daughter and granddaughter on a sunny afternoon. After we got out of the pool, we went to find our locker. I had three keys, but couldn’t find our locker after much searching. We were totally frustrated. The keys did not fit any locks. No matter how hard we looked, we could not locate our locker.

Sometimes we think we have the answer to something – hold the key; but it is the wrong answer. We try answers in the same venue, but the venue is wrong. Our “keys” are useless.  We must look past the obvious process to some other type of solution. By meditating on the problem without preconceived notions or expectations, we will arrive at the answer.  This process should be first on our list, not a last resort. The spiritual path is the true way, the right way.

Quantum physicists spend their lives studying the fundamentals of energy. They have discovered the ‘what’ of energy particles, but not the ‘how’. Scientists are now realizing the truth of what mystics have always known: that creation is one all-encompassing energy.  The very magnitude and precision of this creation is a powerful witness to the Source. Manifestation is going on simultaneously.

We, as spiritual beings, can be part of that manifestation. It takes daily dedication, focusing, and meditating to be totally in touch. Miracles are simply the result of the power of spirit energy becoming visible. Manifestation is possible for those who connect to the power of the Source.

Knowing where to look for our answers brings us closer to them.

  (I use the word ‘Source’ while you may prefer ‘God’, ‘Universe’, ‘Buddha’, or ‘Allah’.  The name is not as important as the reality of Spiritual Energy.)

Jacqueline M. Shuler
July 29, 2018