Sat. Oct 16th, 2021

Breathe Creativity

Our Belief System Is Our Reality

The Vision Within Creates the Reality Without

We create our own realityNo matter what is considered real on this planet, it does not control our behavior as much as what we believe to be real.  If you believed that the earth was flat, would you think about taking a trip around the world?  The belief that “bad blood” was the cause of disease created the medical use of “bloodletting”. People who have refused to put stock into certain majority beliefs have been ridiculed or persecuted. Yet, the great discoveries of mankind were made by these very people who did not accept the “status quo”.  They thought for themselves, observed, experimented, and often came up with solutions and inventions totally unknown at the time.  Maybe it’s time for each of us to actually look into our belief systems to see how these affect our daily lives.

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