The Quiet Road

Quantum physicists have discovered that the tiniest bit of matter beyond molecules and atoms, is not really matter, only a “knot of energy”.  So, the physical world we experience is actually energy in a huge variety of forms.   This fact is probably the most difficult one to comprehend, since we see solid objects everywhere.

Do not depend on the physical things of this planet to perpetuate the spiritual. The powers of the spirit are worlds beyond the paltry powers of the physical. Why do you depend so much on the physical?

“Because it is in my face.  Because my five senses are constantly in tune with it. Because my brain is constantly processing my experiences. Because I live in a physical environment. Because I live in a physical body.”

By closing my eyes, I remove myself from the sight of the physical. By controlling my breath, I move away from activity. By quieting my mind, I reduce powerful brain activity. By resting in this quiet space, I open myself to all that is not physical – to the immense world of spirit. There I can rest in love and peace.     By doing this daily, I diminish my obsession with the physical. I increase my sensitivity to consciousness, which is true reality.

The simplicity of this experience makes it available to everyone. There is no need to retreat to the mountaintop. We can access spirit whenever we choose to experience solitude – on the bus, before or after sleep, while having coffee. Choosing the quiet road will bring us home.

Jacqueline M. Shuler
July 28, 2018