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Our Belief System Is Our Reality

About Me

I’m Dr. Jacqueline M. Shuler, artist, calligrapher, graphic designer, author, and educator. I’ve been creating art for the last fifty years.  In 2018, to celebrate my 80th birthday, I hosted a solo exhibit featuring a varied body of work from acrylic paintings, realistic and abstract, to digital abstracts. My calligraphic works focus on inspirational themes. Since I was a small child, my greatest joy has been to create beautiful images and elegant calligraphy.

My work is one of sheer creativity whose inspiration arises from daily life, from nature, and from the energy all around me.   I have experimented with various media and styles only to come back to the experience of pure creation, expressing vibrant energy.   Since creativity is at the core of our being, I have designed courses in Creative Thinking, insisting that all my students, no matter what the media, learn the creation process.

As a person focused on the spiritual aspects of life, I am most comfortable in simple awareness. It is in this state that I easily tune into the vast sea of energy-consciousness and wait in the silence for the flow to start.  I lose all track of time, focused on the image evolving before me.  Creativity is the highest form of soul freedom.

Although there were no art classes offered in my grade or high school, I was determined to become an artist.  After receiving my doctorate in Art Education from Carnegie Mellon University, I went on to teach students from kindergarten through college.  After many years of acrylic painting, I am now enjoying digital painting on my Surface Studio Tablet.

I have the largest collection of original calligraphic wedding gifts and also of Native American writings in unique calligraphy. Her “Learn Italic Calligraphy” DVD and “Preschool Art, from Scribbling to Self-esteem” book are available on Amazon.  You can see more of my work on

Now that I’m retired, I can devote more time to new creative projects. You can see my beliefs in the attached image. Since I am now in the autumn of my life, I don’t fear the winter. Death, as the Native Americans believe, is just a change of worlds. I have so enjoyed Spring and Summer. I revel in the innocence and craziness of my grandkids, and the special love of my children and their spouses. I have spent a lot of time alone and enjoy my solitude, which feeds my creativity. I believe that thoughts are real things, traveling in the ether, making an impact on the world for better or for worse.

5 thoughts on “About Me

    1. Thank you for your information, Leslee. I was unaware of the author. I note that the poem is in the Public Domain and will correct the author. I see that there are songs based on this poem, which are copyrighted by the song writer. I like my Native American original font and design and will keep that.

  1. Hi Dr. Shuler. I love your site and everything you stand for. Its a little off the subject but I noticed you are a graphic designer. Do you work with ebook covers at all. I’m considering buying a new cover for my ebook,” Into the Light, Journey Home”. Just curious.

    1. I have designed book covers, including those for my own books. If you are interested, email me with the specs. Thank you for your good words.

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