Fear of Disease Derails Healing Energy

   Since the media daily reminds us of the danger and effects of the CoronaVirus, we can become fearful for our health.  While we focus on taking measures to ensure our physical safety,… Continue reading

The Night Train that Brings New Life

 Sixty billion cells were replaced last night with new, healthy cells for you.

Our gratitude to you, Mother Earth

How have humans repaid Mother Earth for her bountiful gifts? The indigenous peoples have shown their respect and daily thanked her for the gifts of food, water and shelter. Today, her repayment has… Continue reading

Trees: Energy Transformers

The role of tree leaves is to turn sunlight into energy.  This is truly an amazing feat, which is going on all around us in silence.  As if this was not enough, the… Continue reading

What is Consciousness?

Not only is it the invisible source of life, it IS life.  Therefore, our lives are an expression of universal consciousness. As such, we have the ability to explore the totality of life… Continue reading


Thousands of thoughts float through our minds every day.  Every one of these has the potential energy for creation.  They all vibrate within our invisible, powerful energy fields.  Observe your thoughts for an… Continue reading

Best Use of Procrastination

Sometimes procrastination is the answer!  Try it with your cravings. One minute, one hour, one day–put them off.  As each day passes, they will be less adamant. Jacqueline Shuler November 19, 2018

How is your gut feeling?

Your gut isn’t called “the second brain” for nothing!  It is the main processor for your feelings, and demands as much respect as the brain in your head!  Also known as the solar… Continue reading

Awareness Transforms Emotions

Having lived in a convent throughout my twenties, I left with the “knowledge” that feelings were evil, to be shunned and erased from daily life.  They supposedly interfered with the spiritual life, with… Continue reading

What does the art of a fifteen month old look like?

The first marks a child makes are  really a recording of motion in the womb. The lines run back and forth, either horizontal or vertical, reminiscent of the rocking in the womb.  Children… Continue reading

What is the Higher Self?

The higher self emanates from the soul and connects it to the human personality. Intuition is the method of communication.

Your Light Body

Fireworks are a great analogy for Divine energy exploding into billions of Light Bodies, which then become physical bodies.

Your brain cannot control what does not live there: your mind.

“All of your body in in your mind, but not all of your mind is in your body.” Jack Swarz Contrary to popular opinion, your mind, or consciousness, is not physical and therefore,… Continue reading