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Awareness Transforms Emotions

Awareness of Emotions Vaporizes Victimhood

Awareness of Emotions Vaporizes Victimhood

Having lived in a convent throughout my twenties, I left with the “knowledge” that feelings were evil, to be shunned and erased from daily life.  They supposedly interfered with the spiritual life, with attaining perfection. I had been so successful in burying my feelings that when I was asked, “How do you feel about that (experience)?” I honestly answered that I didn’t know.  . My doctorate was a testament to my intelligence, but I was a teenager when it came to comprehending my feelings.  I believed that reading was the key to understanding everything.  Not so with emotions.

One of the main goals in my life has been to be aware of my feelings. A major breakthrough was the birth of my two children in my thirties.  Labor and delivery are all about the most powerful feelings a woman will experience. Holding my newborns was close to overwhelming!  Their unconditional love totally connected us on a deep emotional level. My immersion in these experiences far surpassed my intellectual attitude toward emotions.

When I finally began to value my feelings, (which has taken many years) I worked on changing my attitude toward my “gut”, my solar plexus.  This marvelous area in the body is known as the “second brain”. The “Seat of the Emotions” has more power over us than the brain in our head.

The image shows the solar plexus as the cauldron holding the water of feelings.  It is only when the fire of awareness is applied that the emotions evaporate into spiritual energy.  This is an ancient Taoist belief which makes a lot of sense.  Emotions are not evil; they are energy.  Awareness is the key to learning to transform strong emotions into the vapor of the spirit.

Sometimes, I have to make an effort to focus on my solar plexus in order to recognize whatever emotion is revealing itself.  Then I practice deep breathing to better focus on it.  I remain quiet, only feeling its power.
Deciding on action now is out of the question.  My awareness is totally focused on the emotion.  I keep breathing deeply until the feeling has subsided. Emotions are energy, and breathing is the best way to control energy.  I have learned that power which I use to access my creativity.  I simply breathe deeply until the idea forms.

Being in touch with your solar plexus is being in touch with life.  Once you have breathed through an emotion, you can look for the root cause of it. Spend some time on either healing the root, or enhancing it.
Your life will change over time because of your awareness of your “gut” feelings.

Your sensitivity to your solar plexus will bring the gifts of non-intellectual information, insights, and hunches.  Pay attention to these realities.  Listen to your “second brain” talking.


Jacqueline Shuler

September 30, 2018

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