Your Light Body

Imagine you are watching fireworks at night. All of a sudden, there is a giant, snow-white ball of light, exploding with billions of shiny sparks, illuminating the dark sky.

You are seeing the explosion of Divine energy creating billions of Light Beings.  As the sparks disappear, they reappear as human beings. It is this special God energy that gives us life. Our Light Body, or Energy Body, defines our human bodies and fills us with love. Other names for the Light Body are Soul, or Spirit.

You can connect to your inner Light Body with your thoughts and ask for help or information. Many people call it their ”Inner Voice”, for it speaks to them. To hear this voice of wisdom, you need to have some quiet time to focus on your spirit. Outer silence is necessary for inner silence: time to turn off the TV, computers and cell phones. Walking in nature is an excellent way to refresh your spirit.

Very sensitive people can see your Light Body. It radiates out all over your physical body in a rainbow of colors called the aura. As your feelings and thoughts change, so does your aura.  When you are sick, a shade of brown appears. This happens before the physical symptoms appear.  That is, you are sick in spirit first, which then manifests in the body.  People who nurture their Light Bodies have beautiful auras, extending more than a foot from physical body.

As you fall asleep at night, thank your Light Body for its gifts of wisdom, love, safety, and help. When you wake up in the morning, know that your Light Body has created sixty billion new cells to renew your body with energy and immunity. Start the day with love and gratitude by giving yourself a warm hug!


March 15, 2019

Jacqueline M. Shuler