Thu. Oct 21st, 2021

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Our Belief System Is Our Reality

Fear of Disease Derails Healing Energy

Fear of disease derails healing energy

Fear of disease derails healing energy

   Since the media daily reminds us of the danger and effects of the CoronaVirus, we can become fearful for our health.  While we focus on taking measures to ensure our physical safety, we should also realize that we are endowed with powerful immune systems, built to protect us from disease.  The immune system is the most complex system (other than your nervous system), made up of multiple tissues, cells, and organs.  When we live in a relaxed state, that energy enhances our immune system, whereas stress derails it.

    The latest research on Quantum Physics reveals that we are so much more energy than matter!  Energy permeates the universe, our bodies included.  Our beliefs and perceptions profoundly affect our energy, our health and well-being.  Army doctors in World War II, faced with a shortage of morphine, injected wounded soldiers with saline solution instead.  The soldiers believed that they were anesthetized and underwent operations without pain.  It is energy that changes matter.

  Belief in the power of your immune system empowers you to sustain good health.

Jacqueline Shuler

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