What is Consciousness?

Not only is it the invisible source of life, it IS life.  Therefore, our lives are an expression of universal consciousness. As such, we have the ability to explore the totality of life or consciousness.  We have the ability to tap into its power.  That which is the life of the universe is in our bloodstream.

How do we get in touch?  We need to slow down our brain waves with more quiet time, nature walks, and meditation.  We need to turn off electronic media.  Our very busyness with our separate lives prevents us from coming into contact with ALL life.

Becoming aware of our daily life happenings brings us closer to consciousness.  Another word for “aware” is “conscious”.  We have only NOW- since the past and future are not real – to focus on life.  The more conscious we are of our actions, the more we are likely to make changes in our lives for the better. Our lives are lived in the flow of all life.

We then know that we are expressions of consciousness.



Jacqueline M. Shuler

December 1, 2018