What is the Higher Self?

The soul is like an immense ocean, which flows into the land as rivers, going on and on until some parts become little streams.  A river represents the higher self, an an aspect of the soul.  The higher self is a specific part of the soul, the part wishing to heal itself.  It expresses itself in the human personality, a tiny stream originally emanating from the huge ocean of the soul. While the human personality contacts the higher self, it is not in full contact with the immense energy of its immortal soul.

Thus, the higher self is closest to the human personality.  As an aspect of the soul, it interacts with the person.  It is the dialogue between the person and his immortal self. The higher self inspires the person through intuition which can take many forms.

The trick is to be on the lookout for these intuitive messages, since they can appear in a variety of ways, often under your usual radar. A hunch, a thought, a premonition, an experience may all contain inspiration from the higher self.  Practicing awareness is an excellent way to pick up on these messages. My personal conduit is creativity.  Other souls of higher being may also present their inspiration.  The “radio station” is open to various wave-lengths of truth.  Creating the habit of aware listening greatly benefits your personality.

The higher self exists as the part of your soul most involved in your healing from other lifetime wounds.  It is very important to listen and act upon its inspiration in order to successfully experience the reason for your being, the healing of your soul.

Jacqueline Shuler    January 16, 2020

Inspired from reading Gary Zukov’s book, The Seat of the Soul