The Key to Opening Your Spirit Connection

When I am in deep meditation, I write what comes to me, without judgement. The following is a simple explanation of ways to open your spirit to profound happiness:

   “Rest in silence. That is the message for all. We cannot speak to you as you run from one project to another. We wait patiently for an opening, which only you can provide.  Our message is one of love and peace, which every human craves. There can be no true experience of that without engaging spirit, which enlivens us all. However, if it is choked by the material world, it remains silent and hidden. The search for happiness in the accumulation of wealth and belongings is a dead end. (No pun intended!) After death, you comprehend the value of spirit above that which has been left behind: hollow accumulations. “

     Why wait for death to teach us the value of the spirit? We hold within ourselves tremendous power, creativity and love. Our life’s work is to bring these gifts out of hiding and into the light. The key is silence, meditation, connection to spirit, to consciousness. . ‘The world of the invisible powers the visible.’ We have so much more control over our lives than we have been led to believe.

Ask yourself, “What is the most important thing in my life?” If the answer is something physical, it’s a short-term goal which ends at death. Only the spirit surpasses death. Prior to birth on this planet, our spirit decided what it was going to learn during this lifetime. Discovering that decision most often happens in focused silence.  The daily habit of meditation leads to a profound understanding of spirit and creates opportunities for growth in our daily lives. This may take a lifetime with no profound experiences or lightning strikes of inspiration.

Our goal can also reveal itself in a powerful experience of clarity, such as a near- death experience. Some people have returned to a totally new life of understanding the reality of spirit, of consciousness, after being pronounced clinically “dead”.  A 1981 Gallup Poll revealed that eight million adult Americans had a near-death experience. Studies have been made of this group of people with many revelations about life after death.  These people report that there is definitely another dimension far beyond the physical.

A man came into my shop a few years ago and told me that I had a very powerful aura. I asked how he could see my aura and he told me that he had experienced death after a motorcycle accident. A wealthy man, after miraculously returning to life, sold his homes and cars and settled for a simple existence. His wife could not comprehend his new personality, and so divorced him. He said that the near-death experience woke him up to what really matters, the spirit.  He radiated happiness.

If you would like to read more about NDEs (people who have undergone near death experiences), see The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot (pp.239-262) or Dr. Raymond Moody’s Life After Death, a result of twenty years of studying NDEs.    Many people have written books about their experiences and how it changed their lives.

We don’t have to experience death to appreciate spiritual reality. That door to truth is open to us anytime we decide to be still, to rest in the silence. The road to consciousness is consciousness.


Jacqueline Shuler

July 1, 2018