Your brain cannot control what does not live there: your mind.

“All of your body in in your mind, but not all of your mind is in your body.”
Jack Swarz

Contrary to popular opinion, your mind, or consciousness, is not physical and therefore, cannot be located in your brain. Your brain acts as a processor for your thoughts and beliefs.  Without input from your mind, your brain, a fantastic computer, computes nothing.  It takes care of automatic processes in your body, but needs input from your mind for you to live fully.

If you clear your consciousness of inherited or negative beliefs, your brain no longer processes them. The belief that neural patterns are permanent is not correct; check out “neuroplasticity”. Brain nerves and paths can actually change or even disappear! Voila!  Your behavior changes.  By examining the root of your behavior, your belief system, you can bring about whatever changes you wish to make in your life. What beliefs are derived from opinions of others?  What beliefs are based on childhood experiences?  What beliefs hold you back from succeeding? If you are serious about changing certain behaviors, look online for various methods.  They all involve thought input/habit output.

You are in charge of your thoughts, which your brain is required to process.  Change your thoughts; change your life.

Jacqueline Shuler
November 18, 2018