Laptop Spirit Message

I designed my screensaver, a photo of a giant live oak tree known as the “Angel Tree”, on Photoshop and embedded the image with a favorite message of mine, “The deeper the roots are into consciousness, the more powerful the life energy.”   On January 25, 2018, I opened my laptop, saw the tree, but was shocked to find those words missing, and in their place, “I know you are…” Since this line was at the bottom of the screen, the rest of the words were not legible, if there were any more.   “I know you are…what?” I stared at the screen in disbelief.

Could someone have hacked into my computer and done this? There is no way to preserve the tree image while attempting to replace the original text, as the text was embedded as a jpeg image.  I stared at the screen in disbelief.  I knew I wasn’t hallucinating. The first feeling that came to me was one of fear.  I hadn’t made any changes.  Who did?  Then my next thought was, “I am in my power.”  I felt safe then that the change was not a malicious one.

I didn’t sleep very well, wondering how this could have happened.  Next morning, I went into meditation, with pen and paper in hand.  I am accustomed to writing down whatever comes to me and have developed a large collection of inspirational writings. Here is the paragraph I received:

You are not being hacked or attacked.  I wanted to shock you into the reality of the power of the Spirit over the physical.   You could hardly believe your eyes when you saw my message on your computer. There I said, ‘I know you are in touch with the Source.  Keep your connection viable every day.  Spend more time in meditation, whether it is doing art, writing, or walking in nature.  We Are One.’ ”


Jacqueline Shuler