The Benefits of Awareness


Listen with your heart.

Enjoy your life.

Incarnating on earth gives you the chance to experience much that is not available in spirit. The physical world presents opportunities for emotional experiences, painful as well as joyful.     Being aware of your responses to experiences enhances those experiences. You know what they are and how they affect your soul evolution. There is nothing random about the process.

Awareness is the key to seeing the whole picture of your life. You know the overall impact of your actions because you are paying attention to them. You become aware of actually choosing outcomes. Your process of observation brings you real information about your life and your environment. Your willingness to change rises from your awareness. You choose to reject certain experiences or habits that block your evolution.

Being present in every moment energizes you. ”Absent-minded is replaced with “present-minded”. This attitude heightens your experiences of daily life. You see more; you enjoy more; you actually experience more. There are less accidents. You remember in in a deeper way, as there is a higher quality in what you remember.

Being aware daily of your environment and actions brings about an upward spiral, instead of a constant circle in your life. You begin to notice if similar situations repeat themselves. You decide if you want them to continue or not. You choose the roads you wish to take to reach your final destination. As you repeat this process, the negative situations begin to fall by the wayside, making your journey straight forward.

Daily awareness results in daily clarity – a clear vision of your goal: soul evolution.


Jacqueline Shuler

April 29, 2018