Dreaming About Babies, Symbols of Creativity

My dream babies walk and talk immediately after a painless birth. They jump off the delivery table, fully dressed! We then have conversations together.  On one occasion, I dreamed of giving birth to quadruplets who ran off in all directions!   That was a premonition of several new paintings.

My most beautiful baby appeared in 1966, when I volunteered to design 3400 square feet of stained glass windows. It appeared out of nowhere and grew at a startling rate, especially when I was a nun at the time and had no idea how to design stained glass windows.  My story is on https://wordpress.com/drjackiecreates.com/2018/01/18/how-i-created-over-3400-sq-ft-of-contemporary-stained-glass-on-a-dare/

Recently, I dreamed of a baby who had fallen off a table onto the floor, face down. I picked him up, feeling terrible that I had let him drop.  When I picked him up to see if he was hurt, he looked at me in silence, with only one tear falling. The baby’s message to me was to reduce the busyness of my life and refocus on incoming inspiration. My lack of spiritual attentiveness was causing a loss of creativity.

Starting the day in meditation is a must for me. I try to get to the void, the place of no thought. I follow my breath, and come back to that simple task after my mind has wandered off somewhere. While in a listening mode, I sometimes receive only silence; other times, I experience wordless knowledge. While the meditation may seem empty, I know that ideas can flow easily to me later in the day if I maintain awareness. Meditation and silence is the catalyst for creativity.

I had an unusually high creative surge in the early 80’s when I sat on a Florida beach every morning at sunrise, pen and notebook in hand. I wrote quickly, with thoughts tumbling over one another. The result was a hand-lettered book, Living Love, The Key to Soul Evolution.   Sometimes I look back at the words and wonder how all those beautiful thoughts could be written by my hand. That old, beat-up notebook tells me that I am a catalyst for making visible the invisible. That world is very real, with many truths to share. Using my talents, I have hand-lettered inspired thoughts to share with others.   At 76, I plan to keep on listening to the universe, transforming the “in-come” to “out-go”.