“Act of Valor” Tecumseh Quote

This is the quote given at the end of the movie “Act of Valor”. In 1980, I entitled it “Native American Way of Life”. I designed the unique hand lettering to reflect the Native American culture: strong, but simple.  The letter “o” is based on an arrowhead.

The quote was spoken by Tecumseh, a powerful Shawnee chief who lived in the Indiana region.  I have added the unique sacred slab of red cedar wood  designed by him in 1809.  Twelve of these were created to be distributed to neighboriing chiefs.  Each symbol had a double meaning: one for the white man, and one for the Shawnees.  The public interpretation what that this was a heavenly stick, a guide to the Afterlife.  All things on earth were to be experienced and understood before the people could reach their home in heaven (shown at the top). The figures in vertical order, top to bottom, symbolized blues skies, sun, all plant life, birds and animals, corn and the four corners of the earth.

The actual meaning was that all Native Americans on both sides of the Missisippi should come together in one movement (line below the house symbol), with the speed of lightning, causing the earth to tremble (circle with line through it), leaving behind their farming and hunting, from the four corners of the earth (symbols from below the divided circle symbol). They would then take their land back from the white men (home at top of stele), either peacefully or by warfare. Tecumseh met with William Henry Harrison and delivered a speech requesting that Indian lands be returned.  In 1811, Harrison destroyed the Indiana settlement; next, he overcame the Shawnees at Tippecanoe. In the War of 1812, Tecumseh was killed by the troops of Harrison, a general in the Army. He used “Tippecanoe and Tyler too” as his presidential slogan.

Act of Valor" movie Tecumseh Quote

Act of Valor” movie Tecumseh Quote

Indeed, Tecumseh was a wise and brave leader, who lived and died for the rights of his people.
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