About Me

I’m Jacqueline M. Shuler, artist, calligrapher, graphic designer, author, muralist, and educator. I’ve been in business since 1971, after obtaining three Art degrees, including a doctorate from Carnegie-Mellon University. Since I was a small child, my greatest joy has been to create beautiful images and elegant calligraphy.

I am located in Castle Rock, Colorado where I’ve taught Photography and Graphic Design for the past eight years at a local high school. My teaching career includes many levels of students from kindergarten through college. I have designed curriculum in the following areas: calligraphy, drawing, painting, graphic design, photography, art history, and creative thinking. I have written three books, including a children’s book illustrated by my six-year-old granddaughter. My book, Living Love, The Key to Soul Evolution, is a collection of hand-lettered meditations on love. And speaking of love, I wish my life to be one of love and service.

Now that I’m retired, I can devote more time to new creative projects. You can see my beliefs in the attached image. Since I am now in the autumn of my life, I don’t fear the winter. Death, as the Native Americans believe, is just a change of worlds. I have so enjoyed Spring and Summer. I revel in the innocence and craziness of my grandkids, and the special love of my children and their spouses. I have spent a lot of time alone and enjoy my solitude. I believe that thoughts are real things, traveling in the ether, making an impact on the world for better or for worse.


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    1. Thank you for your information, Leslee. I was unaware of the author. I note that the poem is in the Public Domain and will correct the author. I see that there are songs based on this poem, which are copyrighted by the song writer. I like my Native American original font and design and will keep that.

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