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Our Belief System Is Our Reality

The Night Train that Brings New Life

 Sixty billion cells were replaced last night with new, healthy cells for you.

Sixty billion cells were replaced last night with new, healthy cells for you…a silent miracle, going on, night after night.  All your heart cells have been replaced three times or more in your life.  So, what does it mean to be old?

What a creative being you are, constantly renewing yourself!  What is your attitude toward your own magnificence, which no one can take from you?

Do you thank your body for its gifts?  The gift of sight, in itself, is amazing.  Think of your various senses and how much valuable information they bring you daily (more than Google)!  The brain has been a topic of centuries of study for scientists, who may have discovered WHAT it does but not HOW it does it.  In spite of common belief, it is certain that the mind does not live in the brain.

Your consciousness has created this marvelous body and energizes it with life.  When your consciousness, or spirit, suffers from negative energy, this experience manifests in the body, which then becomes ill.  Doctors prescribe treatments for the body, but not for the root cause which is in the spirit. Until medical practicioners are connected to consciousness, they can only diagnose bodily symptoms.  No wonder patients do not heal!

Since you alone are responsible for the health of your spirit, you can take charge of the health of your body.  It is your spirit that causes the second-by-second renewal of your body, creating a powerhouse of energy.

Focus on the thoughts arising from your consciousness.  Notice which ones are positive or negative. Choose to live in a positive state.  Feelings of anger, sadness, and dislike are normal.  Notice them, feel them, and let them go.  Feelings are not right or wrong; they are just feelings.  We as human beings live in our feelings.  We are not robots.  We have the power to decide what thoughts to nourish for our own spiritual and physical health.

I recommend the book, Mind to Matter, by Dawson Church, Ph.D. for a deep, simple discussion of the power of thoughts to create things, especially health.  When you have finished reading it, your attitude toward the spirit/body dance will make you so grateful for who you are!

Jacqueline Shuler
Dec. 16, 2018

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